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RiverWorks is a Community Development Organization. They currently are operating a Food Shelf that services Rockford & Greenfield.

Check all the details at their website at: http://www.riverworksonline.org/

They are located at 8230 Cedar Street in Rockford.
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Re: RiverWorks

Postby nikidog » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:00 am

RiverWorks is a great resource for the community. I have volunteered at RoundUp and at the Food Shelf.

I am happy to see that the RoundUp program has served the community well. I know it provides a free family activity when, the economy being what it is, it is difficult for many families to afford fun, kid-friendly activities. So many people donated so much of their time and other resources to make the summer program possible, especially the Schroeders who opened their yard and horse arena to the community most Wednesdays over the past two summers. I think the kids really enjoy the results of everybody's work. The kids seem excited to ride the horses. The horses "taught" the kids how to be patient, listen, and manage their emotions. I loved answering the horse-related questions they posed. It's nice to see them eager to learn about something. I also know the games, campfires, and other activities were a big hit. It's nice to have a community program that provides activities besides t.v., computers, and videogames. It's great for fitness (both parents and kids), for meeting new people in the are, and for enjoying the short Minnesota summer outdoors. The ending cowboy event and pig roast, with the typically good food provided by some dedicated ladies, was a great ending to a fun summer.

The Food Shelf serves a lot of community members, especially in this economy. With individuals and families struggling with challenges ranging from lost jobs to disabilities, the food shelf is a vital resource for this community. The clients are so appreciative when you work with them, and their stories remind me that how we all fall on hard times. The food shelf is another "safety net" that works to ensure no one goes hungry. After all, in this country, it is an injustice that any man, woman, or child is unable to access such necessities as food. As one food shelf client told me, seeing people in the community helping each other gives hope when the news offers plenty of reasons to be pessimistic.

I know RiverWorks will be starting a thrift store to sell donated items at a low cost to people in need. I am looking forward to seeing how that will turn out.

RiverWorks is not only an invalueable resource for this community, but also a reflection of the good people serving it.
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Re: RiverWorks

Postby carol beasecker » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:28 am

This is just one support group we have here. Everyone needs to work with their individuals churches and cities. Did you know that Love Inc is supported by 25 churches in the area. Each church apparently has a certain responsibility, for example Our Father Lutheran is in charge of getting bedding supplies to individuals in need. They are an organization that we should all try to support.

I would rather be supporting this as opposed to an athletic field that will be ruined in a couple of years.

What are our priorities. Several of our child have had to deal with this older fields and survived.
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Re: RiverWorks

Postby greenfarce » Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:59 am

Wow .. looks like riverworks may not be all it seems. Very interesting comment on the story in the paper this week.

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Re: RiverWorks

Postby wastingmoney » Sun Feb 05, 2012 1:04 pm

They got some nasty people working in that used junk store of theirs. Stopped in while waiting for my food and this woman kept following me like I was gonna steal something. Won't be going back there!
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